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Each year about 14% of Canadians do it – moving. Chances are: you or someone you know is moving this year. Let’s face this truth.No one wants a troubled move.

Welcome to Pacific West Van Lines Moving & Storage. Our moving blog will give you insights anywhere from moving tips & tricks to useful moving websites. Our goal is to make your moving fun and teach people how to enhance move experience. We also welcome your reviews and opinions – we wouldn’t do better without them. We hope that you will find our articles about moving useful. It’s fun!

We believe that when you discover all these useful moving information and tricks, you will feel happier when it’s time to move. Hearing from others’ experiences is a good opportunity to eliminate mistakes during the move process. You can also let us know if how we can improve our website, blog, and services. We would be happy to hear from you!

Stay tuned :)

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Heather M. Bay is Director, Public Relations at Pacific West Van Lines, Moving & Storage Company. She is ready to hear from you!